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…….at least my umbrella protected me from the hail… kiiiiiinda??

i guess i was feeling really brave at the mall today so i bought this outfit

…which is probably the most adventurous thing i’ve ever worn in my entire life


New hair!

Hacked a bunch of it off because it had been way too long since the last time I got it cut (and I was starting to rock the mullet look a little bit there)

…also dyed it dark brown, but i think it’s easier to tell the difference in person because our apartment is so dark haha

This is possibly the laziest Cosplay we could have come up with but everyone seems to enjoy the gimmick anyway haha

Got a haircut today in anticipation of warmer weather!

I can’t wait for Orlando (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

Stealthy She-Hulk :)

Phoenix Emma Frost inspired outfit

(Sorta Lazy) Captain America!

Jan Van Dyne inspired outfit that it is way to freaking cold for!!


Closet Cosplay! So stealthy!!


Me as Wiccan/Billy Kaplan and Jesse as Speed/Tommy Shepherd

Found this in Rue 21 today and took about 0.2 seconds to decide to buy it because Saaaaaaaaaaaam (though I am sad that Steve is not on there too??? why Hulk needs to be on every marvel shirt ever is beyond me uuugh whatever.)

If MCU is good for anything, it’s for getting some of the more under-appreciated characters on merchandise. Like shirts!!! That i can wear!!! All the time!!!!!

(Now give me a shirt with Jan on it and I’m golden).

Lookin hella good today I LOVE MY HAAAAIR

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I’ll put these under a cut so it’s not mucking up your dashes :)

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